Gutter Protection in Kelowna: Alu-Rex Products

Alu-Rex products ensure that your eavestroughs will be free of ice, snow and debris all-year round, allowing proper rainwater management and helping maintain the structural integrity of the gutter.

T-Rex Continuous Hanger System

T-Rex Continuous Hanger makes the eavestrough 50% stronger than traditional fasteners, such as hangers. The spaces between the spikes and hangers actually reduce the strength of conventional eavestroughs.

Covered by a lifetime warranty on the material and structural integrity, the T-Rex ensures that your eavestrough has no weak points. The T-Rex seals the gutter, keeps debris out and allows water to drain freely.

It also provides the following features:

  • Does not bend under the pressure of ladders or branches
  • Prevents ice and snow from getting into the eavestroughs
  • Does not rust or flake
  • Drains three times more water than what is recorded from the heaviest precipitations

Watch the videos below, and witness Alu-Rex products perform in real-life conditions.

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